MentorShip is the mentoring scheme of the Worshipful Company of Shipwrights.  MentorShip is a new programme which is currently being trialled at three universities; Newcastle, Plymouth and Liverpool John Moores.  Eligible students are those on marine and maritime courses.

It provides selected University students with the opportunity to be mentored by Shipwrights with established maritime industry knowledge and experience, during their University life and academic study, and as they transition into the world of work.

Through a process of informal and voluntary mentoring, MentorShip affords students access to:

  • Industry knowledge and experience (general and specific).
  • Professional insight, career guidance and advice.
  • Business and social networking, encouragement and support.

Through MentorShip, students are also introduced to the Worshipful Company of Shipwrights and its Aims.

The Role of a Shipwright mentor

 To role of the Shipwright Mentor is to support and encourage the growth of a mentee’s skills and knowledge, and to help the mentee achieve their goals.

Who are they?

  • Shipwrights with at least 5 years professional experience in the maritime sector.
  • A detailed knowledge of their industry sector, how it works and what is expected of those aiming to work within it.
  • Knowledge and experience of networking and the ability to develop contacts.

Shipwright mentors can provide a wide spectrum of knowledge and depth of experience.

Who may apply to the Company for mentoring?

  • University students in Level 5, may apply for mentoring during Level 6 (i.e. final academic year of study for a Bachelor’s Degree).
  • University students in Level 6 may apply for mentoring during Level 7 (Master’s degree year of study).

Guidance on what to expect from a mentor and how to be a good mentee can be found at:

How to be a great mentor

How to be a great mentee

The list of Frequently asked questions can be found here.