Welcome to the website of the Worshipful Company of Shipwrights' one of the City of London's 111 livery companies, with its origins dating from before 1199.  Recognised as a Company 'incorporated by prescription', the earliest surviving written reference to this old and Worshipful Company occurs in the records of the City of London in the reign of King Richard II in 1387.   The Company is 59th in the order of precedence.

Originally formed to safeguard the quality of shipbuilding in London, today, the Shipwrights’ Company provides support to organisations, charities, educational institutions and individuals associated with the Company’s role as a City of London Livery Company and its origins and trade.

The Company is based at Ironmongers' Hall in Shaftesbury Place in the Barbican.

Ironmongers' Hall

About the Shipwrights' Company

The Shipwrights' Company comprises some 450 active Liverymen and 300 Freemen.  Membership of the Company is confined to those with a strong and current connection with the maritime and marine sector and the Company's Liverymen and Freemen come from a broad spectrum of maritime professions including, but not restricted to, marine and maritime law, shipbroking, ship insurance, ship owners, ship builders, the Royal and Merchant Navies, marine and naval engineering, academia, yacht and super yacht building and the supply chains.

What we do

The original purpose of the Company 700 years ago was to safeguard the quality of shipbuilding in London.  This continues today via the provision of support to marine apprenticeships, boat building courses and naval and marine engineering students at university plus the presentation of annual awards of excellence.  The Shipwrights' Company has a strong philanthropic purpose and donates annually to maritime related causes, individuals, charities and companies.

Liverymen vote in the annual elections of the Lord Mayor and Sheriffs and all members of the Company enjoy a full programme of activities including sports, visits, formal dinners, social events and informal gatherings.

We hope that you will find the website interesting and informative and enjoying learning more about the Shipwrights' Company.

Shipwrights' News


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