Education and Charitable Aims

The Shipwrights' Charitable fund is a registered charity 262043.

The Shipwrights philanthropic objectives are met through the work of the Education and Charities Committee which directs support to maritime or waterborne projects or activities, the City of London and church work.  There is a strong emphasis on support for young people and the Company predominantly directs its funds towards projects with a maritime theme, specifically those with a focus on the provision of educational or training value for young people.

The main educational and charitable themes are listed below and the following pages provide greater detail on each of them including how to apply:

  • The Billmeir Award Scheme – grants to support technical education and training.
  • Donations to schools and bursaries for university students with links to the Company.
  • The Queen’s Silver Medal Competition to select the best yard apprentice.
  • Sail Training Bursaries for individuals and support to sail training organisations.
  • Awards made to the Sea Cadets and Sea Scouts.
  • Grants in response to applications for charitable funding (Responsive Donations).
  • The Shipwrights’ Apprenticeship Scheme.
  • City and Civic Commitments.

Chaired by a Court Assistant, the Education and Charity Committee meets three times a year to review Company policy on its activities and donations and to consider and approve new applications for funding.  Committee meetings take place in February, June & November and are preceded by meetings of the four sub-committees which make recommendations on Billmeir awards, Queen’s Silver Medal applicants, Responsive Donations and the Shipwrights’ Apprenticeship Scheme, the latter operating largely independently of the main committee.  Applications for Billmeir, the Queen’s Silver Medal and Responsive donations are not routinely considered, nor grants awarded, outside the meeting dates.

How to apply for funding

Detailed guidance on applications for the Queen's Silver Medal Competition, a Billmeir Award, Responsive Donations or the Shipwrights' Apprenticeship Scheme is given on the relevant page listed on the Education and Charity tab (above) where the link to the specific application forms for each type of award can be found.

Applicants are encouraged to show how their particular cause will help us achieve our objectives.  For example, grants for heritage projects, such as the restoration of classic vessels, usually need to demonstrate that:

  • they are being used to formally train young people in shipwright skills.
  • the vessel will continue to be used for educational or charitable purposes.
  • the vessel is listed by the National Historic Ships Committee.

All applications should be accompanied by letter or email addressed to the Clerk, and, if from an organization, they should be accompanied by the latest report and accounts.

All applications will be acknowledged, and, if they clearly do not fit the Company's charitable criteria, rejected at the same time.  Notification of the committee's decision will be disseminated through the Clerk's office as soon as possible following each meeting.