Sail Training Bursaries

The Shipwrights’ Company awards bursaries to the Tall Ships Youth Trust, the Jubilee Sailing Trust and Ocean Youth Trust Scotland to enable youngsters to participate in voyages and sail training courses.  The grants are designated for voyages and the Company retains the ability through the network of its Liverymen and through the Association of Sail Training Organisations to make specific nominations for young people who are financially or socially disadvantaged to benefit from them.

Click on the logos below to reach their websites and learn how each organisation operates.

Tall Ships Youth Trust

Jubilee Sailing Trust

Ocean Youth Trust Scotland

In 2019/20 the Shipwrights' grants enabled more than 200 young people to participate in voyages and courses at a cost of £30,000.  This scheme has produced measurable results in terms of personal development and the Shipwrights' Company aims to increase the number of youngsters benefiting from this scheme when further funds become available.