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Wedgewood Teapot and Cover

Wedgewood Teapot and Cover

6.5/8ins. high, hand painted with on one side the  Shipwrights’ arms in black, red and yellow, and the monogram WK above the date 1784 within a cartouche; and on the other a ship on her launching ways in black.

The lid is of the same period, but is not the original and does not match the design of the teapot. It is printed in black with flowers and scrolls.

On the base of the teapot is an early 20th.C label on  which is typed:


made to


the launching

of H.M.S. 10th.


with in ink the letters


“Adventure” was Ship Number 88 built by John Perry (P. Perry & Company) at the famous Blackwall Yard. A fifth-rate 44-gun ship of 896 tons, she was launched on 19th. July 1784, and dismantled at Sheerness in 1816.

The Company bid unsucessfully for this item at auction by Sothebys in 1986. It went toBermudafor resale, and was eventually obtained from the purchaser (a collector of armorial china, who said that he would like this piece to be kept in the Company’s collection) for the price he had paid for it, and brought back toLondon,  the additional cost being contributed by the following  members of the Company:


C.H. Baylis, CB, (Clerk)                     Assistant to the Court

A.H. Farley                                           Liveryman

E.N. Hurrell                                           Liveryman

Derek B. Kimber, OBE, FEng.           Renter Warden

Captain W.R.H. Lapper, RN.            Liveryman

David I. Moor                                      Assistant to the Court

Graham R. Newman                           Third Warden


Wedgewood Teapot

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