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The Talbot Banner

The Talbot Banner

Presumed to have been presented by one of the Talbot family, probably Edward James Talbot, Master 1875-6, or John William Talbot, Master 1880-1.

Sixteen members of the Talbot family, barge builders and owners in Rotherhithe, became members of the Company, five becoming wardens and three masters:

Edward Talbot,  Master 1860-1 and 1868-9

Charles Edward William Talbot, Liveryman

John William Talbot, Master 1880-1

Percy Sutton Talbot, Warden 1940-3

Edward James Talbot, Master 1875-6

William Balmanno Talbot, Freeman   John James Woodley Talbot, Freeman

Francis John Talbot, Liveryman    Edward Charles Talbot, Liveryman

William John Talbot, Liveryman Francis Thomas Talbot, Warden 1924-7

Oswald Talbot, Liveryman  Robert John Talbot, Liveryman

Stanley Edward, Liveryman    Thomas William Henry Talbot,  Liveryman

Francis Wells Talbot,  Liveryman


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