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The Lubeck Cup and Cover

The Lubeck Cup and Cover

 Steeple cup with three tiers of 10, 10 and 8 embossed circles,   supported by a cast female figure standing on an  embossed plinth with 8 and 14 circles : cover three  tiers with 8,12,and 12 circles, finial a three masted sailing ship with sails set. Cup inscribed:


 On the base, scratch marks 34-13 and 15305. On the starboard side of the ship, which is not gilded, the  letters AH engraved, on the spanker the letters HV punched.        

In April 1877, Mr. George Lambert, Silversmith of Coventry Street, Haymarket, offered to the Company for  fifty guineas “the Ancient Standing Hanap or Grace Cup of the Shippers’ Guild of Lubeck”. At a Court meeting on 20th. April, the cup “was placed on the Court Table and  was much admired by the Members present. Mr.(Joseph) Samuda, MP, offered to give ten guineas towards its purchase and Mr. (Reginald) Hanson and other gentlemen present also promised to subscribe”.  A full list of subscribers has not yet been found.

 In the 1990s during a visit to the magnificent 14th century hall of the Lubeck Company,  the writer was told that the cup had long been missing,  and was asked if the Shipwrights Company had acquired it as war loot !

 Chased silver gilt.    Weight: 32 ozs.     Height: 19.1/4in.   Made c 1690 at Braunschweig (Brunswick) by Johan Wagner  (Wegener) ofAugsburg.


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