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The Ellis Nef

The Ellis Nef

Fanciful three masted sailing ship on four wheels, with foregn shields of arms engraved on topsails.

 Presented 1924 by Lady Ellis in memory of her late husband Sir Charles E. Ellis, GBE, KCB, Master 1923-1924. Lady Ellis was presented with the freedom of the Company on 10th. April 1924.

 This, the larger of the Company’s two nefs, was frequently placed in front of the Permanent Master or other royal visitors, or the Master Ironmonger, at Company dinners, but tended to obscure them from view. It is now on display in the Chamberlain’s Court, Guildhall.

 Silver nef  Height: 32 ins.  Made by B H Muller,Londonimport mark 1913, 925.


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