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“The Ark”

“The Ark”

Model made of cedar by M. G. Warner, joiner, from designs by W. L. Ash, senior ship draughtsman, and K. G. McBride, apprentice ship draughtsman, all of Messrs J. Samuel White,Cowes, as an entry to the competition held at the Company’s great Exhibition in 1947. This model won the first prize, and in terms of the conditions of the competition became the property of the Company.

  The winner of the second prize, made by Thomas Mowat, joiner, and John Hart, shipwright from designs by Anthony S. E. A. Browning, apprentice ship draughtsman, all of the Fairfield Shipbuilding and Engineering Company of Govan, is on display in the Glasgow Art Galleries and Museum, Kelvingrove.

 There is a set of photographs of all eighteen entries to the Competition, kept in the Company Library.


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