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Shrieval chain of Office and Badge of Arms

Shrieval chain of Office and Badge of Arms

Deposited 1981 with the Company on loan by John G. M. Hart, Assistant to the Court, Sheriff, 1979-1980.  Donated to the Company 1987 “in the hope that they may, one day, be  used by other members of the Company who are elected to the ancient office of sheriff”.

In 1988, mounted in a display cabinet with the Alexander shrieval chain and Alexander, Trinder, Charvet and Neary badges.

Weight: chain 10 ozs., badge 8 ozs.  Silver gilt.  Made by Toye, Kenning and Co., Birmingham, 1979.

(148/1987), (149/1987)

Shrieval chain of OfficeBadge of Arms

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