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Porcelain Two Handled Covered Cabinet Cup and Stand

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No. 1 of a limited edition of 500 made by Messrs Spode Limited, Stoke on Trent, in Maritime England Year (1982) to commemorate the granting of the livery to the Company in 1782. The design is based on one by Josiah Spode in his 1820 Shape Book, with the handles in the form of winged griffins, but the knob on the cover changed from the butterfly of the original design to a naval crown inkeeping with the maritime theme. The cup is basically cobalt blue, richly embellished in gold, with on one side a panel showing H.M.S. “Victory” (17  ) in colour and on the other the arms of the Company in gold. The stand has three panels showing casks, cannon and anchors.

 An accompanying card reads:


With the authority of the Worshipful Company of

Shipwrights this covered cup and stand has been

produced by Spode to commemorate the Bicentenary of the

Granting of the Livery in 1782. The edition is strictly limited to

five hundred of which this is number ONE.

 (signed)                     C.H.BAYLIS, C.B.

C.H.Baylis.                   CLERK



Presented 1983 by Messrs Spode Limited.


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