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Gavel in form of a caulking iron and mallet

Gavel in form of a caulking iron and mallet

A silver plated plaque on the plinth is inscribed:




MASTER 1919-1921

Presented 1921 by Sir Archibald Denny, Bt., shipbuilder of Dumbarton, to commemorate his years as Master, 1919-1920 and 1920-1921. It has been said that he wished to give the Company “a perpetual reminder of its trade origins”.  He was one of only four masters in modern times to hold the office twice. The others were Sir William H.White, 1897-1898 and 1898-1999, Sir John H. Johnson, 1899-1900 and 1900-1901, and Sir Charles Scotter, 1903-1904 and 1904-1905. Sir Archibald also gave the Company the then large sum of £2000 to set up a housing fund to finance the purchase of Clifford’s Inn for use as a livery hall.  Unfortunately the scheme fell through and the money was kept in the housing fund until it was dissolved.

The three inch caulking iron is mounted blade down in a wooden  plinth 7in x 6in x 3/4in, screwed onto an 1/8in steel plate. The mallet has a head 6in x 1in, and a 12in handle.

(031/1921), (032/1921)

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