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Copper Document Case

Copper Document Case

Containing the following pertaining to Ethelbert Anthony Hart,  a mast and blockmaker,  who was born 27th August 1875,  married 9th July 1902,  and died 8th January 1952:

Certificate of Registry of Birth  dated 6th October 1875.

Certified Copy of Entry of Birth  dated 10th May 1918.

Indenture as a Mast and Blockmaker,  dated October 1890.

Certified Copy of Marriage Certificate dated 9th July 1902

Testimonial from S Richards & Co. Ltd., Lowestoft,  dated 20th March 1915.

Certified Copy of Entry of Death,  dated 10th January 1952.

Presented by Dr Hart,  Master of the Worshipful Company of Barbers,  in memory of his father.


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