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Company Bronze Medal (Albert E. Neary)

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 Formerly held by the Albert E Neary, Liveryman.

On one side are the Company Arms (showing that the medal was made after 1920); on the other is inscribed :

Albert E Neary

Several other examples of this medal are known to exist, but precisely when and why they were awarded, sometime between the two world  wars, has not been determined.

Presented 1993 by Jack E. Neary, Prime Warden 1984-1985, in memory of his father Albert J. Neary.  It was Mr Neary’s intention that this medal should be framed together with his mother’s medal (373/1993) and his own Past Prime Warden’s badge and family freedom certificates.

Diameter 1 ¼ ins.  Suspended on medal pin from red ribbon with narrow, wide, narrow white stripes.  Made by Messrs J.R. Gaunt,London.


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