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Company Bronze Medal

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On the front, embossed Company Coat of Arms.  On the back, raised word LIVERYMAN encircled by the words WORSHIPFUL COMPANY OF SHIPWRIGHTSSuspended from a red and white ribbon

 The original purpose of the medals of which this is one, is not clear. The use of the Company Coat of Arms implies that they were made after the Grant of Arms in 1920, but in all copies seen by the Hon. Historian the dates under the recipients’ names are earlier, and do not appear to coincide with known dates of admission to or promotion within the Company.

Presented 1984 by Sir Charles G. Alexander, Bt., Prime Warden 1983-1984, in memory of his late father Sir Frank S. Alexander, Bt., Prime Warden 1944-1945, whose medal it had been.

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