Congratulations George Green’s School on A Level and GCSE Results

Congratulations to George Green’s School on the A Level and GCSE results achieved by its students this summer.  The Shipwrights’ Company has received the following updates from the school which can be dowloaded and are summarised below:

A level Press Release August 2021

GCSE Press Release August 2021

A Level Results Statement:

At George Green’s School we implemented a robust, rigorous and ethical process for setting grades for our A level and Btec students. We are confident that these outcomes capture the hard work and effort all our students put into their studies over the past two years.

Some key headlines:

  • 100% of students achieved an A*- E
  • 65% of students achieved one or more A/A*
  • 1 student got 4A*s
  • 12% of students achieved 3 A*
  • 25% of students achieved 3 A/A*
  • 54% of students achieved 3 A*-B
  • 77% of students achieved 3 A*-C
  • We have enjoyed some extraordinary success at A/A* in a number of subjects:
    • Biology 64% A/A*
    • Spanish 67% A/A*
    • French 50% A/A*
    • Further maths 100% A/A*
    • Maths 44% A/A*
    • Computer science 60% A/A*
    • Italian 67% A/A*
    • Chemistry 50% A/A*
    • Physics 44%
    • Economics 47% A/A*
  • 77% of George Green’s students were offered place at their first choice university
  • 37% were offered places at Russell Group universities

Quote from Jon Ryder, Principal:

“I am very proud of the achievements of our students. They have all demonstrated enormous resilience in the face of incredible challenges: two lockdowns during which school was closed, periods of self-isolation, and teacher absence due to Covid to name but a few. They have risen to every challenge and surpassed even our highest expectations of them.

All our students went through an extremely rigorous process in the summer term, which mirrored, as far as was possible, real exams. As such, the grades they have achieved have exactly the same value of those achieved by students prior to the pandemic.

I would like to pay tribute to my colleagues here at George Green’s School. They have been faultless in their approach to supporting their students over the past two years. These fantastic outcomes could not have been achieved without their professionalism, adaptability and sheer hard work.

We must also celebrate the parents of our students. Their support for their children, as well as the school, is a critical part in the success of these young people

We are delighted that so many of our young people will now be able to move on into the university places of their choosing.”

GCSE Results Statement:

We are delighted to share another set of excellent GCSE outcomes. Our year 11 students made brilliant use of the robust, rigorous and ethical system we put in place to calculate teacher assessed grades and as a result can feel very proud of what they achieved. Students’ outcomes this year are absolutely as accurate and fair as those achieved by young people sitting exams prior to the pandemic. As such, all students can take these grades with them onto the next stage of their education with the same pride and satisfaction with a job well done as previous cohorts.

Some key headlines:

  • 96 grade 9s in total
  • 219 grade 8 and 9s in total
  • 20% of students getting at least 1 grade 9
  • 32% of students getting at least 1 grade 8 or 9
  • 70% x5 grade 4+ including English & Maths
  • 53% x5 grade 5+ including English & Maths
  • 73% grade 4+ English & Maths threshold
  • 54% grade 5+ English & Maths threshold

Quote from the Principal

“We are so pleased with another fantastic set of GCSE of results. Our students worked incredibly hard to achieve these grades and were put through an extremely rigorous and fair process to help us calculate them. We are so proud of the resilience, determination and adaptability our students have shown throughout the pandemic.

We are delighted that so many of our students have decided to join us in the George Green’s Sixth Form next year and we look forward to supporting them throughout the next stage of their education.

I am very grateful to all my colleagues for the work they have put in to getting students to this point. George Green’s staff are incredibly special group of people.

The absolutely wonderful outcomes we have received this year reflect the success the school has enjoyed over the past few years.

My congratulations also to all the parents who did such a wonderful job bringing up this incredible group of young people.”