Shipwrights to attend the Livery Schools Link Showcase on March 4.

Following a successful meeting with Alison Truphet the Shipwrights have joined Livery Schools Link, a voluntary organisation that works with the Livery Companies to advertise and expand the valuable educational and charitable initiatives they are involved in.

The opportunity to enter a display at the LSL’s Showcase has arisen and the event, which is being held at Barber Surgeons Hall, looks to be a valuable opportunity to further our engagement and has been gratefully accepted.  At the Showcase  Livery Companies are given the chance to engage school children from across the city with what it is to be, in our case, a Shipwright and to inspire the students with the many and varied opportunities that exist in our industry.

The event will be opened by the Lord Mayor during the first of four sessions, when students will get the opportunity to speak with representatives of the Livery Companies and have access to hands on and mentally stimulating displays.  To finish of the day there will be a private viewing of the showcase by members of those Livery Companies attending the day and we are delighted that Archie Smith, the Fourth Warden, will be representing the Prime Warden and the Shipwrights.

Both membership of the LSL and our attendance at the Showcase are means of communicating to the community and the wider Livery the Shipwright’s charitable and educational initiatives. More information on the Showcase and the LSL can be viewed in their most recent February Bulletin.