Seaglaze Apprenticeships Proving the Diveristy of Opportunity in Marine Industry

The Shipwrights Apprenticeship Scheme is encouraging and assisting a wide range of companies in the marine industry into apprenticeship training and Seaglaze are one of the more specialist. The SA Scheme assisted Seaglaze in establishing apprenticeships with advise and guidance and is providing first year wage funding for the first two apprentices the company has taken into training via a grant and a loan.

Seaglaze Marine Windows operate in a very specific part of the marine industry as a supply chain company. They design and manufacture doors, windows and hatch sets for marine applications and supply many of the top names in boat building in the UK and overseas. The very precise nature of what they do means that apprenticeships are a great way of training people to have the skills required for such specialist activities. With the large majority of an apprentice’s training taking place in the work place who better to teach the skills needed at Seaglaze than the team of highly skilled and knowledgeable engineers working there.

The in-house training is paired with courses delivered by East Coast College providing back ground technical knowledge and certification giving the two apprentices at Seaglaze a real opportunity to develop their careers in the marine sector. It’s a win win!

The following letters, written to the Shipwrights, explain the activities the apprentices, Dion and Fabio, have been involved with at Seaglaze and college, the aspects they enjoy and their aspirations for the future. We wish Dion, Fabio and Seaglaze every success!