Romica Engineering’s Apprentice

Romica Engineering, a winch and lift gear manufacturer, based in Beverly have taken the bold step to employ their first apprentice. Training an engineering apprentice is not the risk they are taking, vocational training is the best way to develop young engineers for your business, the boldness come from the fact that their apprentice, Owen, despite being paid by Romica is learning with and working for a different company; Armstrong Hydraulic Services.

Romica design and engineer their equipment in the UK but they have a manufacturing base in Romania. So why take on an apprentice in the UK? “We need to establish a commissioning and service team for our equipment here in the UK” says Romica’s MD Robert Turner “We are training Owen now to become an integral part of this team”

Brian Armstrong of Armstrong Hydraulic Services, whose relationship with Romica goes back many years and have a couple of apprentice of their own, says “Owen has started well and is working with our engineers on a number of projects, he has a few weeks of boxing up some winches ahead of him!”

Owen is enjoying the challenge so far and says “the most enjoyable part is working off site, on vessels”, he has recently helped to replace hydraulics hoses on a Scottish Fisheries Protection Vessel, “you really get to focus on the one job and get it done”

The Shipwrights are very proud to be helping Romica with this forward thinking and exciting apprenticeship.