News from the Shipwright’s Apprenticeship Scheme’s Funded Apprentices

The two apprentices working for the companies that the Shipwright’s Apprenticeship Scheme is currently assisting with funding are progressing well through their first year of training. Here is some of the feedback from their experiences working and learning in the marine industry so far:

Tom Wells is a Marine Engineering apprentice at BH Marine in Weymouth.

Tom Well’s on the water……

“When recalling the past 5 months I have spent at BH Marine it’s a wonder how I managed to fit all of the achievements and experience I have had into such a short time. Because of the business being small, yet wide and varied in terms of its activities and services it provides, I have had a keen experience in many aspects marine industry.”

“One of the services BH Marine provides is a yacht management programme which accommodates yachts over the winter period where we antifoul, cut and polish, clean and servicing the boat where needed. This is something I am incredibly knowledgeable about now, and I have done several blogs for our website regarding the various yacht management tasks. This is great because it means I learn at college and research the techniques and steps to the various jobs and can apply it to my own work improving on my performance in time and quality of work”

“To sum up my time with BH Marine has on the whole been a fantastic experiences and I look forward to working with them and pushing myself further in the future.”

Daniel Workman is a Marine Engineering apprentice at Sirius Marine Services in Stourport-on-Severn.

“My apprenticeship at Sirius Marine Services Ltd. is going well so far and I’m enjoying my time there. I have been working recently on servicing boats ready for the boating season this year as well as some breakdowns and engineering/wood work. Also Terry the Director has been giving me theory lessons in the office on basic plumbing and boat electrics.”

“I enjoy the many different types of work we have to do. I could be assisting with the lifting and moving of boats in the yard one day, to working in an engine bay or making something new for a boat. I especially enjoy working on engines, going on breakdowns and lifting boats. I’m also enjoying the college course that I attend on day release. We are doing basic training exercises at the moment but will be starting assessment work soon. ”

“Overall I’m highly interested and enjoying the apprenticeship so far. I am also grateful for the excellent opportunity that I have been given and want to continue to push forward and gain more knowledge.”

………..and in the engine room

The marine companies that we are assisting also have some great things to say about their first apprentices:

“Tom has been brilliant to date. We both delivered recently a Jeanneau 30S from Portland to Ipswich in one day (223 miles) with a few issues with the engine and Tom fault diagnosed and resolved the issue. Tom’s fully understanding of yard risk assessments is brilliant and he has undertaken a review of the companies risk assessments and procedures.”

Ben Harris, BH Marine.