Livery Schools Link Showcase 2016

Yesterday saw the 2016 Livery Schools Link Showcase event at the Guildhall with 30 Livery companies exhibiting their trades and skills to hundreds of children from schools across the city. The day was a great success with many young people having a turn on the two ship helming simulators that were very kindly donated, set up and run by the London Nautical School’s Head of Nautical Studies, Mr James Bullar. It was fantastic to see students from George Greens School and many others attempt to land a pilot on an incoming container ship and navigate a fast passenger ferry around Sydney Harbour and to go away with a bit more of an understanding of the importance of the marine and maritime industry to the UK.

Many thanks to the London Nautical School and the students that helped with the running of the event and with manning the simulators. Many thanks also to the organisers of the day, the Livery Schools Link, David Stewart, the chairman, and Alison Truphet for a such a good environment to showcase opportunities in our industry to the next generation. To find out more about the LSL and the opportunities that exist through them to volunteer in education please have a look at their website