National Apprenticeship Week! Apprentice Cove Eddy Shares His Experiences So Far.

During National Apprenticeship Week we will be hearing from a few of the apprentices that are being supported in the businesses funded by the Shipwrights’ Apprenticeship Scheme.

Apprentice Marine Engineer Cove Eddy started his Apprenticeship at Falmouth Harbour Marine Services (FHMS) in September and has been making great progress so far. FHMS are supported by the Shipwrights’ Apprenticeship Scheme to employ Cove as the company’s first apprentice. These are his words on his experiences so far:

I have realised that marine engineering is for me, my placement is with Falmouth Harbour Marine Services in Falmouth, Cornwall.  It is my dad’s company and I think that he enjoys treating me no differently to any other trainee, if anything I think that he is a little harder on me because I am his son.  He is very strict and expects me to be ready on time at all times, he is very professional and has taught me how to speak to and treat customers, mobile phones are not allowed to be used at work which I have found hard.

I enjoy all areas of the work that we do he has shown me a lot and has shown me safety working with engines and in marinas.  I have kept a diary from the first day that I began my apprenticeship, some work that I have done has been removing and re-installing a yachts water tanks, removal and installation of new engines, installing engine instrument panels, aligning engines, general servicing and winterising engines.  I have run up a partially seized 3 cylinder Yanmar engine and diagnosed that it was only running on 2 cylinders, removed exhaust elbows, removed and reinstalled water and fuel hoses and have serviced outboard engines.  I have also helped with the removal and refitting of cylinder heads, adjusting valve clearances this has been on a range of engines on a 2 cylinder Beta engine, 6 cylinder Ford and a V8 Perkins engine, on the V8 Perkins engine this also involved the service of a compressor.  I have also practised dismantling outboard engines that he has for spares and seeing where the parts go inside them.  I am trying to rebuild an old Seagul Forty Plus outboard engine to use for myself.

I have enjoyed attending College where I have been learning to weld and learning how to service a Suzuki outboard engine gearbox, engine alignment and learning about hydraulic systems.

I am looking forward to the spring when the company launch is on its berth when we can go afloat and carry out repairs in and around Falmouth harbour.

I have had my first google review from a customer and I am very proud that it mentions me: Christian Butler – “Excellent, trustworthy and friendly. I was caught out after driving my engine to destruction, Nick and his son came out to the mooring and I instantly felt at ease. They assessed the problems, we were out the water the following week, stripped the engine out, new one in. Very reasonable cost and very good service. I am very happy! Highly recommended.”

In July this year the Erasmus+ Project has offered me a work placement in Concarneau and Tregunc in France hosted by 3 marine engineering and boat building companies for two weeks which I am extremely looking forward to, dad said that it will be a working holiday! Ha ha.

With my wages I have bought a car and passed my driving test.

Cove John Eddy