Apprentice Ashlee Barrell, outstanding Marine Engineer in the making…

Ashlee Barrell, aged 19, started as a marine engineering apprentice at Cox’s Boatyard in Norfolk, last year. Ashlee is one of our sponsored apprentices for 2021-22.

He recently sent us his excellent mid-year progress which demonstrates the wide range of projects he has been involved with and the array of knowledge and skills he has already acquired.

Ashlee told us: “Since starting working at Cox’s Boatyard, I have enjoyed carrying out an engine swap and the electrical work the most. I found it quite challenging but I was able to catch on quickly.  Once I had the knowledge, I was able to improve my quality of work and greatly reduce my lead time for the company. Electrical being one of my most enjoyable topics, I used to find it the most difficult when I first started and it took a long time to improve my understanding and my hand skills… I can now say I have excelled at the topic, completing work at a high quality in a shorter period of time and hope to carry this mindset forward for not only this topic but all of my future jobs.”

Ashlee attends Paragon Skills in Bournemouth on a weekly block release basis twice per term for the off the job training. Of college he said:

“When at college, I have learnt a lot regarding safety procedures such as moving around the workshop, using tools correctly and what not to do in certain situations.  Other topics included how to strip an outboard motor, how a marine business runs efficiently and why certain materials are used for components. This covered the topic of electrolysis (using anodes to stop corrosion).”

Ashlee is very optimistic about his future and enthused: “I aim to complete my apprenticeship on time and complete all the work that is set whilst also learning on the side, working with the head engineer to grow my knowledge ready for future projects. I would also like to go on to fabricate/TIG weld aluminum and steel for the company, creating tanks, push/pull pits and other components.  I may also like the opportunity to help teach a future engineer apprenticeship like the head engineer has with myself.”

So, very well done Ashlee – one of our most outstanding marine engineering apprentices for this academic year – or any year!