London Nautical School

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London Nautical School

The London Nautical School is a secondary school in Blackfriars on the South Bank of the Thames in London. The school was founded in 1915, as a consequence of the official report into the loss of the “Titanic”. The school’s relationship with the Shipwrights is through Liveryman Capt Rodney Lenthall, Chairman of the Board of Governors and Past Prime Warden Simon Robinson, the Company’s Link Governor.

The school retains its nautical traditions, including flying the Red Ensign above the main entrance and students wearing cadets uniforms, and it has a long history of young people going to sea. It is also a Specialist Sports College where its focus is on small boat sailing, in which a number of pupils aspire to National Championships and beyond. The school has an enthusiastic teaching staff and has one room focused specifically on maritime teaching, but is currently close to its limit of capacity and effectiveness as the maritime course becomes increasingly popular.

The Shipwrights’ facilitate and support development of the maritime course, specifically by funding a teacher of Maritime Studies in partnership with the following donor organisations, to whom the Company and the School are exceptionally grateful: Trinity House, The Baltic Exchange, Holman Fenwick Willan, Howe Robinson, Braemar Shipping Services and personal donations from Shipwrights’.   We will, through our many Liverymen with extensive contacts in maritime affairs, also provide voluntary support to develop the course and to promote greater interest in students pursuing maritime related careers.

The school is in the process of improving its academic record, and has recently raised its results in GCSE A*-C from 42% to 55%, with a target of 65+% next year, a trend which is beginning to attract sixth-formers. The Shipwrights will be supporting an institution which aims for excellence.This course is taught both to year 10 and 11 students, as a separate class to the sixth form. The Maritime Studies Vocationally Related Qualification (VRQ) was written by the Maritime Skills Alliance (MSA), a body which includes members such as the Merchant Navy Training Board, Sea Fish, the RYA, The Royal Navy, and the British Marine Industries Federation. The idea behind the VRQ in Maritime Studies is to offer students a GCSE equivalent level qualification (the VRQ is worth A*-C GCSE), that leads directly on to professional maritime qualifications meeting the STCW requirements (Standards for Training, Certification and Watch Keeping)

The LNS teach the first two units equivalent to one GCSE, and aspire to teach additional full STCW units in the future when staffing and resources allow. Unit one is Maritime Sector Overview and unit two Maritime Employment, Safety and Environment.