The King’s Silver Medal Competition – from a Participant

The following comment comes from another participant in the King’s Silver Medal Competition which ran from 2-8 September 2023 at Hawkhirst, Kielder Water:

I would just like to thank you, I’m very grateful for the opportunity to attend the course it was such a great experience.  It provided me with an opportunity to learn about myself and to grow as an individual and develop a new skill set. My confidence has grown massively as result of the course. I surprised myself throughout the week, and the things you can do on no sleep is astonishing. 

The week was so well run and I would highly recommend it to anyone within the industry. Not only as a competition but as a life experience. It was also a good way to top off finishing my apprenticeship. 

Again, please extend my gratitude to all involved for what was one of the most challenging however incredible experiences.