Shipwright’s Mentee at Work

Liveryman Alan Cartwright writes:

One of my more major (day-job) survey and certification assignments has been the in-build surveys of an innovative ‘exploration’ motor yacht, at Wight Ship Yard, on the Isle of Wight.  The ‘Arksen 85’ vessel ‘MAMALUNA’. 

Today’s task (27 April 2023) was the ‘final out of water’ survey (required for vessel certification) and Tonnage measurement (required for vessel registration). Wight Ship Yard assigned me an assistant -one Adam Fermor – who is on a year’s work experience with Wight Ship Yard during his studies at the University of Southampton, Ship Science.Adam is, of course, also one of the Shipwrights’ Bursars at Southampton and a Mentee on the Company’s MentorShip Scheme.

What a joy, to work with ‘one of our own’.  Adam also enjoyed the day, he said , so it all went extremely well,  all around.

Alan Cartwright

27 April 2023