News from Sailing Tectona CIC

I wanted to let you know that we’ve spent the funding awarded to us by the Shipwrights’ Company earlier this year and it has made such a difference.  We used part of the money to sand, varnish and rig the masts that we’ve now stepped into new robust mast steps in our large vessel Tectona.  Please see the picture attached.

We have used the other part of the money to support two day sails for visually impaired young people based in Devon from Moorvision Trust.  Photos attached.

Below are some quotes from the young people that came on the day sails and from Laura, the Moorvision group leader:

S.. (Aged 8):  “The best part was the big sail going up and the worst part is now because I don’t want it to stop.” (Note that this was after a 7 hour sail in howling wind and driving rain!)

J.. (Aged 11):  “I always get told off in school but here I haven’t been told off all day.  I’ve been really good.”

Laura from Moorvision writes: ‘The change in them at the start of each day from looking nervous and quiet to the end of the day when they were full of new knowledge, skills and confidence was amazing. Some of our quietest children were really animated. Some that have behavioural challenges in addition to their visual impairment got to the end of the day and had been too busy to remember to be challenging and received a great deal of praise from everyone.

Many parents contacted us to say how much their children had enjoyed the trip and how much they had learned from it. Many of the children were able to talk about their new found skills and adventures in school, rather than always listening to others.’

Laura, Moorvision visually impaired General Manager and Group Leader for the trips. 

Thank you again and I do hope this brings to life the projects that the Shipwrights’ Company so kindly support.

Jennifer Davis, Sailing Tectona CIC