Lord Mayor’s City Go-Kart Grand Prix – Sun 19 Jun 16.

The following report comes from Nick Marshall who captained the Shipwrights’ Team at the Lord Mayor’s City Go-Kart Grand Prix at Sandown on Sunday.

“A quick update from Sunday- without a regular driver we qualified sixth and ultimately finished third, placing us on the podium with the Lord Mayor and the Shipwrights’ Company flag!

We were leading for a few laps, second for quite a few laps, and third for most of the race and it was a good effort by all concerned, but we were eventually beaten by a two man Barber team and a Glovers team who don’t look old enough to me!  After two hours of racing, we ended two 53 second laps behind second and another few down on first.

The Shipwrights’ Team consisted of Nicholas Philips from Hill Dickinson and Allan Seedhouse from Armitt Group plus myself, Nick Marshall.”

Well done the two Nicks and Allan who equalled the overall place of Julian Pierce’s Team last year.