Jubilee Sailing Trust Update – January 2021

I hope 2021 finds you and the Company as well as can be expected in the circumstances.  Please find here an update on our activities in 2020 and our future plans for 2021 which I hope will be of interest.

Our inability to sail in 2020 has of course caused difficulties in distributing your funding to young people. However, we are pleased to share that we have been able to allocate one bursary to a 16 year old young woman from West Yorkshire, who has booked onto a voyage from Leith to London in August this year. Whilst we have a preference to support young people from London with your funds, when writing her application for bursary funding she said:

“I am considering a career at sea so view this as a great opportunity to gain insight into the career and life at sea. As someone new to sailing, I will have to learn a wide range of technical skills in a short period of time, as well as dealing with potential issues such as adverse weather and equipment failure. I will also have to learn to adapt to work with a variety of different people and spend extended periods with them while onboard.”

For this reason we have allocated her funding from your grant, and I look forward to being able to update you on her experience later this year. We are hopeful that the increasing availability of the COVID-19 vaccine will create a surge in new bookings later in the year, which will hopefully coincide with the always popular and youth-focused Tall Ships Races, beginning in Falmouth in late August.

If the Company would like further information on any of the information in our update then we would of course be delighted to discuss this in more detail.

Once again, thank you for your continued support.