Craig Johnstone is pioneering the new Boatbuilder Modern Apprenticeship in Scotland!

Meet Craig Johnstone, Boatbuilder apprentice employed at DDZ Marine in Largs, Scotland. Craig formally started his apprenticeship last September, but actually joined the company back in April 2020. Craig is one of only a handful of apprentices undertaking the new Modern Apprenticeship in Boatbuilding in Scotland, and he is one of our 2021-22 sponsored apprentices.

Craig recently sent us his mid year progress report and told us: “Since September I have taken part in many tasks involving fibreglass and GRP work including: re-coppercoat jobs, grinding glassing filling and fairing on a Beneteau 50, grinding out cracks from the keel pan on a moody 376 and osmosis repairs on a GRP hull…”

“While doing this I’ve been attending weekly zoom calls with my college tutor Ross, on a weekly basis he gives me tasks which are helping me to understand and develop the skills I need to be able to do the jobs that I have been doing and will be doing more of in the future…I find it very useful when I send him what I’ve done and he responds with some feedback on points I’ve missed or where I could add  more to my answers to cover the points that need to be covered”. And of his future plans Craig said: “My main goal is to learn a wide variety of skills that can be applied to many aspects of the marine industry”.

Hazel Salvadori, Manager of the DDZ Office told us: “Craig has a very good attitude towards things and we are happy to have him here!”

So, very well done Craig – a great start, and you are pioneering the Boatbuilder apprenticeship in Scotland!