Grant application form under the Billmeir Award Scheme. The Billmeir Award Scheme distributes charitable funds from the Worshipful Company of Shipwrights to individuals to support their training at one of the schools or colleges teaching modern and traditional timber ship and boat building, naval architecture and marine engineering. Grants are awarded usually three times a year on the recommendation of the Company’s Education Committee. Applicants for grants under the Scheme are encouraged to demonstrate to the Committee that the money awarded will generate real value to both the recipient and to shipbuilding in the longer term. The Shipwrights’ objectives are to promote the skills of ship and boat building and related trades and wherever possible to encourage people to develop careers in these areas. Please provide as much information as possible and also explain why a grant to you would fit the Shipwrights' objectives. The Awards Committee sit each year in February, June and October/November to consider applications. Your application will not go forward without the names of two referees who will be contacted as soon as an application is received. Applications that are complete including references will be placed before the Awards Committee at the first available opportunity. PLEASE NOTE THAT FIELDS MARKED "*" MUST BE COMPLETED ("NA" may be used where appropriate if allowed)


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    The following Section will give the Awards Committee more insight into you and how worthy they feel the application is so please give some thought to your comments and the objectives of the Shipwrights.
  • Please indicate in detail if you have any maritime, boat building or boat maintenance experience. (if you have no such experience please indicate "NA").

    Please provide details as requested for two referees. One must be a previous employer (or school tutor if never employed). Neither referee should be related to you nor from the school/college at which the course is being undertaken. PLEASE NOTE THAT APPLICATIONS WILL NOT BE PLACED BEFORE THE AWARDS COMMITTEE IF PAPERWORK INCLUDING REFERENCES IS NOT COMPLETE AND IN PLACE.
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