• Welcome to the Shipwrights

    promoting excellence in every aspect of the maritime field. || more >>

  • The City of London

    The Company is one of 108 Livery Companies in the City of London and Liverymen each have a vote for the election of the Lord Mayor

  • Charity

    The Shipwrights’ principal focus is naturally on maritime or waterborne charities, projects, and activities throughout the United Kingdom || more >>

  • Education

    The Company focuses on promoting and supporting education and youth development programmes in the maritime area || more >>


Welcome to The Shipwrights

What we do

The original purpose of the Company 700 years ago was to safeguard the quality of shipbuilding in London. This continues today with the presentation of annual awards of excellence.
The Company donates annually to maritime related individuals and companies.
Liverymen dine 4 times a year and attend social events and informal gatherings.  Liverymen vote in the annual elections of the Lord Mayor and Sheriffs.

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  • Company

    Find out all about the Shipwrights, its history and its present day roles

  • Charity

    Learn about the Shipwrights' charitable donations and how to apply

  • Education

    The Shipwrights plays a significant role in promoting the education of young people.


About Us

The Company comprises some 450 Liverymen and 250 Freemen. Membership is confined to those with a close involvement in maritime affairs.Court members and Liverymen serve on the Finance, Education and Charities, Nominations, Wine and Ark Appeal committees.
The Company supports George Green's School in Tower Hamlets, the London Nautical School, and is affiliated to HMS Illustrious.
Company teams participate in inter-livery and social competition for golf, yachting, shooting and skiing.

The New Clerk

The new Clerk assumes his appointment on Monday 3 November 2014. To find out more about the new Clerk click the link below.
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Latest News

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