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The Prime Warden and Mrs Vlasto at the Buckingham Palace Garden Party 30 May 2018



Queen's Silver Medal Interview Day at Ironmongers Hall

L-R Shane Mellor, Babcock; Benjamin Icke, BAE Systems; Jessica Hewin, BAE Systems; Louis Castle, Sunseeker; Jacob Clarke, Sunseeker; Joseph Hewin, Berthon Boat Company.

Remembrance Day 2017 - Coast Guard Representatives 

The Shipwrights' Stakes





Visit to the Queen's Silver Medal - Phipps Development and Leadership Course 2017







University of Newcastle, Blyth - Cavitation Tunnel and Research Vessel Expedition.





Prime Warden's visit to City of London Sea Cadets in HMS Belfast - 25 April 2017


The Prime Warden and Clerk Collecting for The Red Cross - 12 May 2017

The Prime Warden and Clerk Collecting for The Red Cross 12 May 2017

Visit to the University of Newcastle and the Queen's Silver Medal Competition - September 2016

Outside Trinity House - Newcastle

Outside Trinity House - Newcastle


To Blyth and the University's reaserch vessel

To Keilder where the raft racers are briefed








The victorius QSM raft team

The PW presents Kevin with an award












Are they coming yet? Tony Vlasto and Alan Marsh wait patiently

Catherine Vlasto and Tony Clarke



The Prime Warden, Jeremy de Halpert, checks the photos

The Renter Warden, Archie Smith, keeps dry

The Duchess of Cambridg

Our Patron passes the Shipwrights