The Ark Appeal

Learn about the Ark Appeal's objectives

The Ark Appeal


The aims of the Ark Appeal are twofold:

  • To increase the Companies endowment/capital fund with a target of £1.5 million. This will enable the Company to further increase the support it has been giving to its long established Charitable and Educational programmes and thus enhance “its involvement of the young in the maritime world.”
  • To raise £100,000 per annum for specific initiatives.

We are privileged to have HRH The Prince of Wales as our Permanent Master, who succeeded his father HRH The Duke of Edinburgh in this role in February 2012.  Both Permanent Masters have given their wholehearted support to the Ark Appeal and its aims.

Ark Appeal Request for Sponsorship:

Funds raised through the Ark Appeal in respect of these two aims will be used:

To Increase the Endowment:
By providing an annual income to support the on-going activities of the Company’s Education and Charities committee; namely the QSM Award, The Billmeir Scheme, The Fairbridge Trust traineeship scheme, Grants To Academic Institutions and Outdoor Bursaries.

To raise £100,000 for specific initiatives:
By providing sponsorship for two immediate projects:

  • First, to support over a 5 year period a maritime studies course at the London Nautical School, an inner London secondary school with a long maritime heritage, that has in recent years drifted somewhat from its maritime core. Our support will increase the teaching staff, allowing more pupils to take the course and thus raise their awareness of the significant part the maritime industry plays in our economy and in the commercial life of the City of London.
  • Second, to underwrite the first year cost of a 4 year Apprenticeship Scheme for marine sector companies that have not previously taken on apprentices. Many companies in the sector have been reluctant to take on apprentices due to the cost and a lack of confidence in the viability of such schemes.  Berthon  (link to Berthon site)  has run a partnership apprentice scheme for many generations and together with the Shipwrights wishes to mentor and roll this scheme into small marine companies, particularly those which are new to apprenticing. The Ark Appeal thus seeks donors and sponsors willing to make an annual contribution for five years against the LNS and Apprentice Scheme initiatives and/or a lumpsum for other specific maritime causes.


It is hoped that the foregoing has persuaded you that a contribution to the Shipwrights' Ark Appeal is something that you would wish to do either personally or corporately. We would be most grateful if you would complete the Donation form (see link at the bottom of the page) and despatch it either on line or by post to: The Clerk, The Worshipful Company of Shipwrights, 1 Shaftesbury Place, Barbican, London, EC2Y 8AA ( ).


We are strongly encouraging Liverymen and Freemen to leave a legacy to the Company in their will.  Please use the Legacy Form (see link below).