Outdoor Bursaries

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Outdoor Bursaries

Each year, through the network of our Liverymen and through the Association of Sail Training Organisations, nominations are sought for young people who are financially or socially disadvantaged to enable them to participate in voyages and sail training courses. The Shipwrights’ Company awards bursaries to enable youngsters to join both the Tall Ships Youth Trust and Jubilee Sailing Trust

In 2011/12 more than 200 young people participated in voyages and courses at a cost of £25,000. This scheme has produced measurable results in terms of personal development and the Shipwrights Company aims to increase the number of youngsters benefiting from this scheme when further funds become available.

The Tall Ships Youth Trust.  For their latest report please click here TSYT Latest Report

Formed in 1956 as The Sail Training Association and originally operating the schooners Malcolm Miller and Sir Winston Churchill, today the Tall Ships Youth Trust operates 7 vessels - 1 x 60m square rigged tall ship Stavros, 4 x 22m ocean going cutter rig Challenger yachts, 1 x 19m catamaran and 1 x 14.5m ketch. These vessels work 12 months of the year around the UK and further afield.

The Trust takes 3,000 trainees a year to sea. 74% of young people are disadvantaged (NEETS, young carers, young offenders, those dealing with drug and alcohol abuse) and disabled (mental and physical mental disabilities including learning difficulties, autism, visual and hearing impairment, co-ordination problems).

The Worshipful Company of Shipwrights has been supporting the Trust for many years, starting in the 1980s with a donation of £50 and since then through the Outdoor Bursaries scheme. 2015 will be a Landmark Year when the number of traininees receiving a Shipwrights bursary is expected to reach 1,000.

Please see the latest report

See this 4 minute video for an example of the Trust’s work: