City & Civic Commitments

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City & Civic Commitments

Annual National Service for Seafarers

The Annual National Seafarers Service is a service dedicated to all seafarers past and present representing both the civil and military fleets as well as the maritime schools colleges and youth organizations. The Service is held at St Paul’s Cathedral and run by the Mission to Seafarers. The Shipwrights are always well represented at the Service and are proud to support it financially.

Corporation of Sons of the Clergy

The Corporation of the Sons of the Clergy is a leading grant-making charity helping Anglican clergy and their families in times of need.  It was founded in 1655 in response to the desperate plight of clergy who had suffered under Cromwell. The Shipwrights support is in response to both its Christian ethics and its commitment to City institutions.

Help for Heroes

The Shipwrights charitable aims embrace a variety of maritime causes. What worthier cause to support in these times when our armed forces and in particular our Navy make such sacrifices in the cause of peace?

Sheriffs’ and Recorder’s Fund

For more than two hundred years, the Sheriffs' & Recorder's Fund has helped ex-prisoners to get a new start in life, and has relieved hardship for the families of serving offenders. The Fund gives small, practical and timely grants to ex-offenders in Greater London.

Lord Mayor’s Appeal

Each year the Lord Mayor's Appeal, through his energy and enthusiasm, raises funds for different initiatives. The Shipwrights as one of the more active liveries is pleased to support the Appeal both financially and where appropriate practically.

St Paul’s Cathedral refurbishment project

St Paul's is an icon in the City, representing a long heritage of Christian tradition. The Shipwrights have been proud to support the ongoing refurbishment of this important landmark.